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Automotive lubricants occupy a unique position in all petroleum Products. In no other field are lubricants used in so many different types of equipment operated under such a wide variety of conditions. The satisfactory performance of gasoline and diesel automotive vehicles depends upon sound design, good workmanship and materials, Proper operating conditions, good maintenance practices, suitable fuels and correct types and grades of lubricants.

Products Range:-

Engine Oils:- Multi-Grades and Mono grades like SAE 20W-40, SAE 20W-50, SAE 15W-40, SAE 10W-30, and SAE-30/40/50 for Petrol and Diesel Engines, 4-Stroke 2 Wheelers Engine Oils and 2-Stroke 2 Wheeler Engine Oils, Tractor Oils, Pump-set Engine Oils.
  • Packing Sizes for Automative Grades Lubricants
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  • Packing Sizes for Industrial Grade Lubricants

Manufacturers & Suppliers of:-

  • Gear Oils .
  • Tyre Sealent.
  • Industrial Greases and Specialities.
  • Automotive Engine Oils .