SPEED2MAXX 2 Stroke Plus is a high quality gasoline engine oil for use in air cooled 2-Stroke engines. It is formulated from premium quality high viscosity index base oils and specially selected additives to provide excellent protection and cleanliness in 2-Stroke engines in variety of applications.

Performance Benefits:-

• Easily miscible with gasoline ensures stable homogeneous mixture at different temperatures.
• Excellent anti-wear properties protect engine and gear components at high temperature.
• Enhanced low ash property prevents pre-ignition and spark plug fouling.
• Better detergency and dispersancy provide outstanding overall engine cleanliness.
• Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property protects critical engine components.
• Environment friendly with very low visible smoke emission
• Minimum deposit formation & Pre-ignition
• Ideal for modern engines with oil injection system as well as conventional engines.


Recommended for both oil-injection and premix lubrication system used in 2-stroke motorcycles and scooters.
Also suitable for 2-stroke engines in other applications requiring this quality oil.