For Stroke Semi-Synectic / 4T 20W40

SPEED2MAXX 20W40 Semi-Synectic Oil is 4-Stroke gasoline engine oil developed from premium quality high viscosity index base oils and specially chosen additives to maintain engine cleanliness. It is specially designed keeping in view the high temperature operating conditions encountered in air cooled 4-stroke 2 wheeler engines. Adrol 4T 20W50 meets the JASO MA2 specifications that provide high friction factor and prevents clutch slippage and disc wear.

Performance Benefits:-

  • Enhanced frictional properties provide smooth operation of wet clutches.
  • Piston ring sealing capability prevents loss of compression and gives maximum power output.
  • Excellent anti-foam property avoids early deterioration of parts.
  • Better detergency provide outstanding overall engine cleanliness.
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property protects critical engine components.
  • Allow for very long drain period upto 2200 to 2500 Kms.


SPEED2MAXX 20W40 is recommended for new generation air and liquid cooled catalytic converter fitted 4-Stroke gasoline engines of Motorcycles, Scooter and Auto rickshaws.