Supereme Turbo CI-4 15w40

write my essaySPEED2MAXX TURBO CI-4 15W40 is commercial multipurpose heavy duty high performance diesel engine oil for use in modern highly rated turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. This oil is developed from high quality base stocks and proven performance additives to provide excellent shear stability and engine protection under all types of operating conditions. The product meets the performance requirements of a wide range of diesel engines used in variety of road transport fleet applications.

Performance Benefits:-

  • Specially chosen additive contains unique dispersant OCP technology.
  • Incorporates HiDOG technology for optimum soot handling and wear control.
  • Reduce engine scuffing and bore polishing.
  • Better detergency reduces deposits and keeps engine cleaner.
  • Suitable for mixed fleet operations.
  • Excellent all weather performance and catalytic converter compatible.


The only heavy duty diesel engine oil for the new generation low emission vehicles meeting BS III & BS II emission norms for following drain intervals :

  • 36,000 Kms in heavy commercial vehicles with heavy duty engines.
  • 24,000 Kms in heavy duty severe city stop-and-go and ghat applications
  • 16,000 Kms in Light Commercial Vehicles.
  • Also suitable for heavy duty truck engines used in mining, construction industry and other off road applications.


Typical Properties:-

Test Parameters           ASTM Method     Typical Values
Colour                Visual      Natural Yellow
Viscosity @ 100C cSt                D 445      14.50
Viscosity Index                D 2270      115
Flash Point, C                D 92      244
Pour Point, C                D 97      -24
TBN, mg KOH/g                D 2896      4.40
Density @ 15C, Kg/l                D 1298      0.892
Sulphated Ash, %wt                D 874      0.61

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