Brake Fluids

Brake Fluids (DOT-3, DOT -4) 

Speed2maxx Brake fluid is a premium quality heavy-duty hydraulic brake fluid processed from carefully selected ingredients and blended with a balance Combination of antioxidant, metal deactivator and corrosion inhibitor. Dot 3 or Dot 4 is a high quality brake fluid design to use in hydraulic brake and clutch system of all passenger cars, buses, trucks and tractors. It is a polyglycol type brake fluid formulated with special inhibitors to provide excellent lubricity and system protection to the vehicles operating under moderate to severe service conditions. Due to its high boiling point (above 25O °C), it does not give vapors lock problems in high temperature operating conditions. It has excellent low temperature characteristics and can be safely used up to (-40 °C). It provides excellent protection against corrosion to iron, non-ferrous metals and zinc alloys.

Product Benifits:-

• Ensure extra safe due to high ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ boiling point.
• Ensure excellent protection against corrosion to iron, non-ferrous metal’ and zinc alloys.
• Ensure very high safety factor during driving at high speed in city and under heavy load in hilly regions.
• Ensures compatibility with rubber seals and cups.
• Ensures longer service life, due to excellent oxidation stability
• Provide excellent protection against corrosion to ferrous metals.
• Ensure trouble free operation due to low temperature fludity.
• Compatible with rubber parts prevent rubber seals from swelling.
• Excellent moisture sustaining capability.
• Superior high temperature stability protects brake system.


Speed2Maxx Brake and clutch fluid is recommended for use in disc and drum hydraulic brake system of all passenger Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Buses and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Perfomance Level:-

Speed2Maxx Brake and clutch Fluid (Crimson) meet the following specifications:

• It meets IS: 8654/1986
• It also conforms with Fedral motor vehicle safety standard.
• It also may for DOT-3 and exceeds S AE J-1703 specifications.