Gear Oils

We are engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying supreme Speed2Maxx Gear Oil for our valuable clients. Our Gear Oil is of premium quality and extreme pressure gear lubricating oil. It is well reckoned in the market for its high quality and durability. We provide Gear Oil at highly affordable price range.


  • High viscosity
  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Anti-rust properties
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Free from suspended matter, girl, water of any other impurities
  • Anti foaming
  • Anti corrosion
  • Features
  • Meets as API-GL-4
  • Blended with selected extreme pressure additives

EP – 85W 140


SPEED2MAXX  Gear oils (EP – 85W 140) are Multigrade oil containing extreme presure additives for heavy-duty service.


Recommended for Hypoid Differential, Rear Axle & Final drives.

Products Benifits :-

• Excellent Thermal & Chemical stability.
• Fuel Economy.
• Good performance even under varying load.

Performance Level:-

Meets API GL-5, MlL-L-2105 C/D and EP Type GL-5 Level of IS: 1118: 1992 specifications.


S.No. PROPERTIES     85W 140
1. Kinematic Viscosity, cST @ 100 °C.      24-32
2. Viscosity Index, Min.      85
3. Flash Point, (COC), °C, Min.      180
4. Pour Point, °C, Max.      -21
5. Corrosion, Copper Strip at 121 °C For 3 hours, Max.      3


EP 80W, 90, 140:-


SPEED2MAXX Gear Oils EP are Multipurpose gear oil containing extreme pressure additives for moderate service condition and have long service life due to their extremely good oxidation stability.


SPEED2MAXX gear oils are recommended for hypoid, spiral, betwel or worm gear transmission systems of Cars, Buses and Trucks requiring EP type lubricants.

Products Benifits:-

• Multigrade gear oil SOW due to its Low pour (-27 °C) can be used for power transmission units of vehicles      operating at sub zero temperature.
• Excellent thermal & chemical stability.
• Protection against rust & corrosion ensuring longer trouble free driving.

Performance Level:-

This oil meets API service classification GL-4, US miltary MIL-L-2105 and UK defence CS 3000A & EP Type GL-4 Level of IS: 1118:1992 specifications.


8OW 90 140
1. Kinematic Viscosity, Cst @ 100°C 8-10 16-18 28-34
2. Viscosity Index, Min. 90 90 90
3. Flash point (COC), °C Min. 165 180 190
4. Pour Point, °C, Max. -27 -9 -3
5. Copper strip Corrosion at 121°Cfor3hrs. Max. 2 2 ?