Ball Bearing (Greases AP-2& AP-3)

SPEED2MAXX -greases are high tech premium quality, buttery textured, lithium soap based greases. These greases are produced using superior quality mineral oil and special lithium soap and are blended with anti-oxidant and anti-rust and other special additives which – gave them properties suitable for a wide variety of applications. These are truly superior quality multi-purpose greases. Both these products have high drop point and good thermal and structure stability.


SPEED2MAXX -greases are industrial products, which enjoy all round acceptances for both anti-friction and plain bearing lubrication. These are recommended for water pump, wheel bearing, chassis fittings, universal joints, mobile equipments, tractors, construction equipments, electric motor bearing, anti­friction bearing of railway axle boxes and locomotives.
SPEED2MAXX -greases are widely used in Steel plants, heavy engineering units, textile mills, fertilizer plants, petrochemical/ chemicals units, paper mills, jute mills, sugar industries etc.

Product Benifits:-

• Good water repellency
• Good shere stability
• Long service life.
• Suitable for high temperature applications (lOO°C- 150°C).
• Excellent chemical stability and resistance to oxidation
• Excellent rust protection.

All Purpose Long Run Grease(APLR) 35000KMs:-

We are engaged in offering SPEED2MAXX lithium soap based all purpose grease, fortified with EP additives. Our SPEED2MAXX APLR Grease is specially formulated to enhance re-lubrication interval, up to 45, 000 km under ideal road condition. Our APLR Grease has good thermal, chemical and structural stability including water wash out properties.

Product Features :-

  • Lubricates and protects the components for a longer period
  • Excellent structural stability
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Anti rust and anti corrosion capabilities
  • Availability : 500 gm., 1kg., 2kg, 3kg., 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, 18kg



                     Properties       EPLR Grease
Lithium complex
                    Drop point, oC, min 200
                    Soap type Lithium soap
                    Structure Smooth & buttery
                     Color  green