Industrial Greases

INDUSTRIAL GREASES While lubricating oils are the best-suited products for the lubrication of any machine element, their use is not feasible in situation where the products is likely to leakout and not remain in bearing over extended periods of service. To lubricate such situations satisfactorily, solid to semi-solid materials of dispersions of thickening agents in liquid lubricants and containing, if necessary, other ingredients for imparting special properties have been developed. Such materials are known as lubricating greases. Reliable Greases are the outcome of many years of Technical and Scientific experience. The petroleum lubricating oils used in their manufacture are carefully selected to give excellent lubricating characteristics. Modern manufacturing equipment, scientifically developed formulae, careful supervision, vast manufacturing experience and accurate controls ensure very high manufacturing standards resulting in the production of complete range of greases of proven qualities required to meet the service conditions prevailing in the modern sophisticated industrial machines.