Radiator Coolant

SPEED2Maxx  is a long life Radiator Coolant prepared from selected ingredients like ethylene glycol and special inhibitors. It is a phosphate, silicate and amine free coolant, reduces deposits, protects against corrosion and suitable for all types of cooling system metals including iron, steel, copper etc.


SPEED2Maxx Radiator Coolant is recommended for use in Radiators of all Petrol/ Diesel Vehicles,Passenger cars,generator,Jeeps, Vans, Tempos & all types of D.G. Sets and other off highway equipments.

Performance Benefits:-

  • Easily miscible with water and hard water stability.
  • High boiling point and low freezing point properties.
  • Excellent resistance to scaling and corrosion.
  • Lubricates water pump, bearing, seals and other critical parts.
  • Superior heat transfer and long drain interval period.
S.No. PROPERTIES Radiator Coolant
1. Appearance Bright and Clear
2. Colour Green and Blue
3. Freezing temp, °C, Max. 50% concentration -34
4. Freezing temp, °C, Max. 30% concentration -14.5
5. pH of 30 Vol% water soln 7.0 – 11
6. Boiling point, °C Original Liquor, Min. 155

These are typical figures and do not constitute a specification