Multigrade Engine Oils / CF-4/ CH-4

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Petrol/Diesel Engine Oils:-

SPEED2MAXX  Multigrade Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 CF-4/CI-4 is a new generation diesel engine oil exceeding the most stringent and highest 4 stroke engine lubricant service class requirements . SPEED2MAXX is high performance multi grade engine oil formulated for light and medium duty commercial and passenger vehicles in short haul service. It is developed from high quality base stocks and proven performance additives which protect critical engine parts from corrosion & wear, controls engine deposits and reduce oil consumption under various operating conditionsThe product also conforms to API SG service class requirements for 4-stroke petrol engine service. The premium quality product is made available in SAE 15W-40 viscometric.

Oils Features:-

SPEED2MAXX Super Multignde Engine Oil SAE 15w-40 CF-4/CH-4 is formulated with:-

• Premium quality imported base stocks.
• A unique package to keep engine components absolutely clean.
• Specially selected dispersant package to keep high quantum of combustion products and extraneous impurities in suspension.
• Supreme quality anti-wear additive, which reduce, wear of engine components to absolutely negligible levels.
• New generation shear-stable viscosity index improver, which does not break down and offers superior protection over a wide temperature range.
• Superior quality oxidation inhibitors to counter oil thickening
• The SAE 15W-40 Viscometric of the product offers quicker oil circulation even at low ambient temperatures there by ensuring complete protection to engine components and better cold start.

Performance Benefits:-

  • Protects against ring and cylinder wear.
  • Minimizes piston & combustion chamber deposits.
  • Catalytic converter compatible property minimizes soot formation.
  • Excellent all weather performance and Suitable for mixed fleet operations.
  • Reduces oil consumption and neutralizes acids from high sulphur fuel.


SPEED2MAXX Super Multigrade Engine Oil SAE 15w-40 is a very versatile product and recommended for lubrication of all 4-stroke diesel and petrol engines. American diesel engine manufactures recommend only the use of API CF4 service class lubricant of Cummins, Caterpillar, 4 Stroke Detroit Diesel and Mack engines. Reliable Super Multigrade Engine Oil SAE 15w-40 also provides exceptionally good service for levco, Komatsu, Leyland, Deutz, Hino, Massey Ferguson and KOEL diesel engines. The high technology used in formulation of this product assures its excellent service for diesel engines operating even under the most arduous conditions e.g. off-highway’ equipments, D.G. sets, etc.essay online now